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Microangelo Web Applications

Below is our showcase of online web applications and dashboards. Our potential is unlimited and only constrained by your data. Whatever data you may have, let Microangelo display it.

Microangelo - Northwind

Northwind Traders

Northwind Traders is a demo of a trading company that exports products all over the world. Our demo showcases their sales performance by sales rep all over the world. The interactive demo can be displayed on any device that has internet. Each region can be selected and data displayed accordingly.

Microangelo - Web Applications

Olympic Medals

Olympic Medals is a demo highlighting the Olympic medals won by each country for each Olympic event. Comparisons can easily be made by the user online and can be displayed in a table for users to review. The dashboard can be displayed on any device that has the internet.

Our online demonstrations showcase our desire to unleash the power of your data in the most visualising way to produce effective online reporting and dashboards. Whatever data you may have let Microangelo display it for you.

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Microangelo - IT Solutions
Creating Masterpieces

Microangelo is a professional IT Support and IT Solutions company that is based in NSW, Australia servicing your IT needs. If you are unsure of what can be done to improve your business then let Microangelo provide a consultation free assessment of your office needs.