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IT Solutions

Our Solutions are our Masterpieces

Microangelo can create customised solution to suit your needs. Whether it is web based or local applications we can help you work more efficiently.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

We understand the heart ache in reconciling the books at the end of the year. Excel here is your best friend. Imagine importing your bank statements in excel and comparing receipts and payments. Well Microangelo understands and has a solution for your exact needs.

Windows Automation

Windows Automation

Need to deal with files on a daily basis. Need to produce report after report for management. Microangelo can make MS Windows work for you, by increasing automation. Using MS Office Automation repetitive tasks become easier to do, less boring and less error prone. All the more reason to contact Microangelo.



Databases are always handy when dealing with data that changes regularly. We can write databases to improve your work and maintain your contacts in a central location. Excel is no substitute for a database especially when left open. Let us discuss solutions to meet your needs cost effectively whether it needs to be locally stored or hosted on the internet.

Microangelo Shop

Online Shopping

Shopping available to clients 24x7

Microangelo can provide an online shopping presence for your clients to view your products online. Whether it be electronics to furniture Microangelo can provide you with a solution to sell your products online.

Visit our demo site and view for yourself how easy it is to sell and buy online.

Microangelo Tax Reconciler

Bank Reconciliation the Easy Way

Microangelo can handle the bank statement and import the statement so you can perform bank reconciliation based on your bank. Note we then allow you to categorise your payments and incomes and perform a tax reconciliation accordingly. The demo gives a brief run down of the functions available.

Microangelo Greek OCR

We can provide Optical Character Recognition using Office 365. Our services include:

The ability to accept any printed format and convert it to text has been around for many years in English. This video demonstrates the ability to do this using the Greek character set. Optical Character Recognition OCR is efficient in converting documents in print format to text. Let us help you with your needs in this area. With Microsoft translation we can convert any document in any language.

Microangelo Translator

Need accurate translation with large number of files or texts. Microangelo Translator can help you accomplish this with great efficiency. With more than 60 languages to choose from and utilizing Microsoft technology Microangelo can provide a tool to translate documents in many languages.

Microangelo - IT Support and Solutions

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Microangelo - IT Solutions
Creating Masterpieces

Microangelo is a professional IT Support and IT Solutions company that is based in NSW, Australia servicing your IT needs. If you are unsure of what can be done to improve your business then let Microangelo provide a consultation free assessment of your office needs.