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The IT Office - Todays Modern Office

Todays IT Offices business owners demand they need to be efficient and grow with the business. The only way to do this cost effectively is to become high tech in order to grow. Microangelo understands the need for the office to be functioning well for a business to grow successfully. We provide many services to improve the office and offer businesses administration support for all your needs. This also includes office support and Book-Keeping. We provide cost effective solutions to your accounting needs. We can compliment your accountant and make sure your books are kept up to date.

Office Integration & Automation

We can provide office integration using the Office 365. Our services include:

Word - Letters, Templates Mail Merge and automation

Excel - Spreadsheets that can perform tasks including graphing and calculations.

Outlook (Email) - Email Mail Merge and Mail Out (Mail Chimp) for business.

Access (Databases) - Database customised for your specific needs.

Office Automator

This following video is a demonstration of the automation Microangelo can provide for your office.

If you repetitively create and manipulate word documents then this service will suit you to a tee. The ability to automate your office allows your business to grow efficiently and without boundaries. Please view the video and be prepared for some amazing documentation creation

Microangelo - IT Solutions

Creating Masterpieces

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Microangelo - IT Solutions
Creating Masterpieces

Angelo Laris B.E. (ISE) Microangelo

Microangelo is a professional IT Solutions company that is based in Sydney, Australia servicing your IT needs. If you are unsure of what can be done to improve your business then let Microangelo provide a consultation free assessment of your office needs.